New Moving and Handling Course

Moving and handling is a fundamental part of health care work. Not only is moving and handling training a legal requirement, good moving and handling principles keep both you and your service users safe.

In this course, we go beyond the principles of moving and handling, relating practice into the healthcare environment. We discuss core issues such as maintaining privacy and dignity of a service user, as well as unsafe practices which must be avoided.
Theoretical, foundation course for those who require knowledge of moving and handling principles for assisting and moving people.

This course is CSTF aligned and meets the Healthcare Trainers Network Gold Standard for Compliance

Learning Outcomes

  • State their obligations and that of their employers regarding manual handling
  • Understand the consequences of poor manual handling practice
  • State the actions to be taken in the event of a manual handling manoeuvre being required within their working environment
    Identify and use correct manoeuvres for use on a range of different manual handling situations

Course topics

  • The Legal Aspects of Moving & Assisting
  • The Body & What Can Go Wrong During Manual Handling
  • Principles of Safe Moving & Handling
  • In House Policies & Procedures

Is this course for me?

This moving and handling course is designed for those who work in care roles, and move and assist people as part of their role.

If you do not move and assist people as part of your role, we suggest our Level 1 Principles of Moving and Handling course instead.

This course has similar content to our Level 1 Principles of Moving and Handling course. You should ensure that this course fits your needs before purchasing.