Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is a nationally recognised certificate for health and social care workers without a formal healthcare qualification.

The Care Certificate provides health and social care workers with the foundation skills, knowledge and behaviours required to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support.

A Roadmap
to Success

  • The Care Certificate offers foundation training for healthcare staff who do not have a formal qualification such as a RQF, NVQ or QCF Diploma.
  • The Certificate takes approximately 12 weeks to complete.
  • You will be required to complete both theoretical and practical elements of the course.
  • This is a nationally recognised certificate which can lead onto further qualifications such as the Level 2 (RQF) Diploma in Care.
  • There are 15 standards which must be completed in order to complete the Care Certificate:

Care Certificate Theory Courses

Please note!

The online courses for the Care Certificate standards are available to everyone through out online learning platform. However, Care Academy can only sign off and issue Care Certificates for staff employed by LV Care Group. Staff from other organisations must have their skills assessed and their Care Certificate issued by their employer. This is to conform to the Skills for Care regulations around certificating and issuing Care Certificates.

Skills for Care state that only your employer can sign off and award your final Care Certificate. 
Therefore, an individual training company who is not part of your organisation cannot sign off your Care Certificate. You should be weary of any training company who is not part of your organisation who claim that they can award you with your final Care Certificate.

On completion of your Care Certificate, you are still required to keep up to date with any certificates completed as part of your Care Certificate standards. Care Academy has an external version of their Care Certificate Portfolio which we are happy to share with external organisations. This portfolio has been put together using Skills for Care resources. External managers are advised to use their own discretion when signing staff as competent using the Care Academy, Care Certificate Portfolio.

Care Certificates do not have an expiry date attached to them.
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Care Certificate

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Care Certificate 

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