Pressure Area Care

  • CPD Course
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Study time: 2 hours
Increase your knowledge of pressure area care with our online course.
Pressure Area Care
Our level 2 course aimed is at healthcare support workers who want to further their knowledge about pressure area care.
  • Modules: 3
  • Exams: 1

What's included?

  • 16 ebooks
  • 3 downloadable PDFs
  • 1 video
  • 1 assessment
  • 1 reference list for further reading

  1 certificate of learning

Course Aims

  • Understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Explain who is at risk of pressure area damage
  • Explain how to prevent pressure area damage
  • Explain the treatment options for someone with pressure damage, or those at risk of pressure area damage
  • Explain the role of the healthcare support worker in relation to pressure area care
  • Explain how to maintain privacy and dignity when caring for individuals with pressure area damage, or those at risk of pressure area damage

Course Modules

  • Anatomy of the Skin
  • Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
  • Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

There is an assessment at the end of the course, which must be passed with at least 75% to pass the course. You will have unlimited attempts to pass the assessment.

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