Recorded Prior Learning Policy

1. Introduction
1.1 This document describes the Care Academy approach to Recognition of Prior Learning. This policy should be read in conjunction with all related Care Academy documents, in particular the specifications for individual qualifications of interest.
1.2 This policy sets out the evidence of prior learning that will be required by Care Academy, and the process and timelines for making an application for RPL.
1.3 For the purposes of this policy, ‘prior learning’ refers to demonstrable knowledge, skills and/or understanding acquired by the learner before the learner takes the qualification in question. ‘Prior achievement’ refers to prior learning that has been formally recognised by another organisation in the form of a certificate or some other form of documentary evidence.

2. Audience
2.1 This policy is intended for use by centres, learners and other users of Care Academy qualifications.

3. Review Arrangements
3.1 The policy and associated arrangements will be kept under continuous review by Care Academy to ensure appropriateness and effectiveness. In particular, a formal review of these arrangements will be carried out at least annually as part of our annual self-evaluation activities, with the outcomes being reported to board of Directors accordingly.

4. Recognition of Prior Learning
4.1 Care Academy does not normally reduce or change the assessment requirements of Care Academy qualifications on the grounds of the learner possessing prior learning or prior achievement.
4.2 Exceptions to 4.1 will be indicated in the relevant qualification specifications.
4.3 Care Academy may apply to awarding bodies to use recognition of prior learning or prior achievement to reduce the amount of time spent in preparing the learner for assessment.
4.4 Care Academy must apply to the relevant awarding body prior to granting RPL, as described in 4.3 and before the learner is registered for the qualification(s) in question. Evidence of the prior learning and/or prior achievement that is being claimed for the learner must be provided, and Care Academy must indicate what proportion of the learner’s preparation time Care Academy is seeking exemption for.
4.5 Care Academy is required to keep complete records of all such applications.