Level 1 Safeguarding Children

  • CSTF Aligned
  • Level: Foundation
  • Study time: 2 hours
Complete the theory requirements for standard 11 of the Care Certificate with our online course
This course gives you the foundation knowledge you need for any role which may come into contact with children. The course covers the theoretical requirements for standard 11 of the Care Certificate and is CSTF aligned.
  • Modules: 3
  • Exams: 2
Who is this course for?
Course Modules
Learning Outcomes
Technical Requirements

Who Is This Course For?

 Anyone who has a responsibility for safeguarding children in their paid or voluntary role.

If you are based in Jersey, we recommend our Working Together to Safeguard Children course, which is endorsed by the Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board.

Course Modules

  • The Law and Children's Rights
  • What is Child Abuse?
  • Raising Safeguarding Concerns

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Know potential indicators of child maltreatment in its different forms
  • Be aware of child trafficking, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, modern slavery, gang and electronic media abuse, sexual exploitation, county line
  • Be aware of the vulnerability of certain groups of children
  • Understand risk associated with the internet and social networking
  • Understand the impact a parent/carer's physical and mental health can have on the wellbeing of a child
  • Understand the importance of children's rights in the safeguarding/child protection context
  • Know what action to take if they have concerns should be reported and from whom to seek advice
  • Be aware of relevant legislation

  • Assessment

    You must gain a minimum of 75% in the end of module assessments in order to gain your certificate for this course. You can attempt the assessments as many times as you would like.

    Technical Requirements

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