Leaving Your Course Policy

On very rare occasions, either you might feel, or we might feel that the programme you are studying for is not right for you. In such a case, you might ask to leave the programme, or we might ask you to leave the programme.

If you wish to leave the programme
If you wish to leave the programme, you must write to us before your final hand-in date requesting to formally withdraw from the programme. Withdrawing from the programme after your final hand-in date might result in you being charged additional fees.
Once we receive your request for programme withdrawal, we will confirm receipt of your request and will remove you from the programme. This process is final and cannot be revoked once you have been withdrawn from the programme.You may apply for an RQF qualification at a later date, however, depending on your reasons for leaving the first programme, Care Academy does not guarantee acceptance onto another RQF course.

If we ask you to leave the programme
On very rare occasions, Care Academy might ask you to leave the programme. Reasons for this decision might include, but are not limited to:
  • Missing hand-in deadlines
  • Lack of communication with your assessor (not replying to assessor’s emails/other communication)
  • Academic dishonesty (including plagiarism)
  • Being in breach of the Carer’s Code of Practice
  • Lack of attendance at learner/assessor meetings
  • Misuse of Care Academy online courses/website
  • Misuse of Care Academy property
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Being in breach of any of Care Academy’s policies
  • Being found in breach of work-based contract for LV Care Group
  • Endangerment of Care Academy staff, other Care Academy learners, and service users in the learner’s care.

Recovering of Costs
Should you leave your course before completing your qualification for any reason, or have monies owed to Care Academy via your training contract/staff contract/staff handbook, we reserve the right to recoup outstanding costs via the Petty Debts Court, if required.

If you have any queries about the contents of this policy, please contact the Head of Training and Education directly on 01534 888237 or email us.

Appeals and complaints can be lodged using either the Appeals Procedure or Complaints Policy.