Quality Assurance Policy

1. The Purpose of the Policy
1.1.  To ensure that planned objectives are being met for both clients and residents;
1.2.  To identify underperformance;
1.3.  To identify exceptional performance;
1.4.  To ensure that service users have a voice in the working of the company;
1.5.  To ensure that employees have a voice in the working of the company;
1.6. To ensure that key standards are being met.

2. Policy Scope
2.1.  All staff members of Care Academy are required to follow this policy.
2.2.  The Head of Training and Education is responsible for ensuring that this policy is kept up-to-date, in accordance with ongoing changes in clinical practices and legislation.
2.3.  Individual staff members are responsible for following this policy; seeking advice from their managers if they are unsure of an aspect of the policy.

3. Policies adherence
3.1. Quality assurance is discussed in other LV Care Group, and Care Academy policies. In order to maintain quality and standards, employees must work within the confines of all LV Care Group and Care Academy policies, procedures and guidelines.
3.2. Working outside of LV Care Group or Care Academy policies, procedures and guidelines may result in disciplinary action. For clinical and healthcare practice, LV Care Group utilise ‘The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures’ as best practice.

4. Qualifications
4.1. Staff must ensure that they have the correct qualifications prior to undertaking a role.

5. Feedback
5.1.  The purpose of feedback is to:
     5.1.1.  Allow staff, residents and clients the opportunity to express their views on their employment or the service they are receiving;
     5.1.2.  Allow managers and directors to understand how standards can either be maintained or improved.
5.2.  Feedback regarding teaching sessions must be gained regularly so as to ensure quality of teaching provided. This feedback must be kept in a manner congruent with audit and inspection purposes.
5.3. Feedback is optional; no staff member or learner will ever be pressured into giving feedback.
5.4.  Feedback must be independent; if a client or resident requests an employee to undertake the feedback survey with them, the employee must adopt an unbiased stance to the feedback being given, and must not influence the resident or clients feedback in any way.
5.5. Feedback must be readily available for the purposes of internal and external audits and inspections.

6. Training
6.1.The manager for Care Academy will ensure:
     6.1.1.  That all trainers, assessors and internal quality assurers are familiar with this policy and all other LV Care Group, and Care Academy policies;
    6.1.2.  All internal quality assurance activity will be completed in accordance with all relevant requirements as per the awarding body;
    6.1.3.  That upon commencement of their employment, staff will be informed of the existence of this policy and the company’s expectations of them under its terms;
    6.1.4.  All trainers, assessors and IQAs should have a working knowledge of internal quality assurance and all relevant assessment procedures;
    6.1.5.  All qualification suites will be allocated a sufficient number of internal quality assurers;
    6.1.6.  All qualification suites will have sufficient internal quality assurance activity carried out, including desk based reviews, trainer observations and action plans;
    6.1.7.  Standardised documentation, either provided by external awarding providers or internally by Care Academy and LV Care Group, will be used for recording the internal quality assurance process and subsequent activity;
    6.1.8.  The encouraging and enabling of staff to attend standardisation meetings.

7. Grievances and concerns
7.1.  Any grievances regarding quality assurance must be raised using the Complaints Policy.
7.2.  Any concerns regarding quality assurance must be raised with the relevant manager in the first instance.